Indonesia High-Quality Rattan and Wood Furniture Manufacturer

Mobel&Co is an Indonesian Furniture Manufacturer. We produce high quality and unique furniture and open for export worldwide. Based in Jepara, Indonesia we work with experienced artisans. Mobel&Co is supported by our parent company Noormandiri Furniture with its huge production facility. In our facility, we are able to prepare raw natural rattan to beautiful and classy finished products.

To keep our exquisite quality, we are only use the best material available. Natural resources such as natural rattan, water hyacinth, bananas, seagrass, and many else are picked and checked carefully.

Our quality control is determined to inspect in every production process, so that the products are globally accepted.

In synthetic products, we have a long and solid relationship with our suppliers Viro and Rehau. Both supply us and durable synthetic rattan materials.

Mobel&Co have various product categories. We manufacture furniture such as natural rattan furniture, synthetic rattan furniture, wood furniture. Specifically, for wooden products, we use top level of wood such as Teak Wood and Mahogany.

With strong foundation within the company, we are committed to serve you wholeheartedly to our customers. For more information or inquiries, please email us: [email protected]

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